LED Gaming Mouse Pad – Gamming mouse pad for tears of the kingdom players

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The Gamming LED Gaming Mouse Pad – Unveil the Gaming Magic

Elevate your gaming realm with tears of the kingdom Gaming Mouse Pad. Crafted exclusively for devoted players of tears of the kingdom, this LED mouse pad adds a touch of enchantment to your gaming sanctuary. Immerse yourself in the world of gamming with its dynamic LED lighting, precision surface, and unparalleled design.


  23.6″ x 11.8″ 27.6″ x 13.8″ 31.5″ x 11.8″ 35.4″ x 15.7″
Length, in 23.60 27.60 31.50 35.40
Width, in 11.80 13.80 11.80 15.70

Key Features:

1. Enchanting LED Lighting:

Ignite the spirit of adventure with tears of the kingdom LED Gaming Mouse Pad’s captivating LED light strip. With 14 distinct light settings, you can tailor your gaming environment to mirror the essence, creating a magical atmosphere during your quests.

2. Precision Surface:

Experience the perfect blend of smooth cursor movement and precise control on the mouse pad’s precision surface. Execute your in-game actions with unrivaled accuracy, whether you’re navigating through dungeons or engaging in intense battles.

3. Non-Slip Stability:

Maintain your focus during intense gameplay with the mouse pad’s non-slip rubber backing. Enjoy a steadfast aim and precise cursor tracking without the distractions of movement.

4. Detachable USB Connector:

The detachable USB connector offers convenient flexibility for your setup. Seamlessly connect and disconnect the mouse pad as needed, ensuring a clutter-free and streamlined gaming experience.


  • Surface Material: Soft Polyester for comfort and precision

  • Base Material: 0.11″ (3mm) thick rubber for stability

  • LED Lighting: Strip around the edges with 14 customizable light settings

  • USB Connectivity: Includes micro USB cable and detachable USB connector

  • Non-Slip Design: Rubber backing for a secure grip

  • Switching Control: On/off button with 3-second hold for RGB light switch-off


Q1: How does the LED lighting enhance the gaming experience?

A1: The dynamic LED light strip provides 14 unique lighting settings, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of tears of the king domand create an ambiance that resonates with your gameplay.

Q2: What benefits does the precision surface offer during gameplay?

A2: The precision surface offers a balance of smooth cursor movement and precise control, ensuring accurate execution of in-game actions.

Q3: How does the non-slip rubber backing contribute to gameplay performance?

A3: The non-slip rubber backing ensures the mouse pad stays securely in place, offering stability and accuracy during intense gaming sessions.

Q4: How can I control the LED lighting effects?

A4: The LED lighting effects can be controlled using the on/off button. Holding the button for more than 3 seconds switches off the RGB lighting.


Embark on a gaming journey like no other with The tears of the kingdom LED Gaming Mouse Pad. Designed exclusively for fans of tears of the kingdom series, this mouse pad merges captivating LED lighting with precision control, bringing the realm of gamming World to life on your gaming desk. Experience the magic of The Tear of Kingdom in a new light and embrace the allure of immersive gameplay with The Tear of Kingdom LED Gaming Mouse Pad.

Please Note: The Tear of Kingdom LED Gaming Mouse Pad is tailored for avid players of Tear of Kingdom, adding a touch of enchantment to your gaming experience.

Made to add that flashy finishing touch on any gamer’s desk, this LED mouse pad brings a wow factor unlike anything else. Made with a precision surface featuring an advanced blend of soft cloth and fine fabric, it lends itself to smooth mouse action and perfectly controlled flicks. Comes with detachable USB connector and non-slip backing for steady aim.

NB! The LED strip has 14 different light settings which can be controlled by clicking the on/off button. If you hold it for more than 3 seconds, RGB lighting will switch off.

.: Soft Polyester surface
.: 0.11″ (3mm) thick rubber base
.: LED light strip around the edges
.: Includes micro USB cable
.: Detachable USB – Connector
.: Non-slip rubber backing

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4 reviews for LED Gaming Mouse Pad – Gamming mouse pad for tears of the kingdom players

  1. Angel (verified owner)

    Stylish and unique items, love my purchase!

    sizes: 27.6" x 13.8", shape: Rectangle x 1
  2. Henry (verified owner)

    Always happy with my purchases from here.

    sizes: 35.4" x 15.7", shape: Rectangle x 1
  3. Mason (verified owner)

    Great value for trendy and cool products.

    sizes: 35.4" x 15.7", shape: Rectangle x 1
  4. Kai (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

    sizes: 27.6" x 13.8", shape: Rectangle x 1
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